3rd-7th OF NOVEMBER 2009


"In a planet of our own" is an international sustainability event that took place in IIT Bombay (Indian Institut of Technology) Mumbai, India.

The event was divided into two parts:

Workshop about sustainability: 3rd-5th of November 2009.
Conferences with the participation of architects, designers and professionals from other fields: 6th-7th of November 2009.

An outdoors exhibition was held along the event, with the participation of student designers form the six continents.




The organizers of the workshop set a competition entry to limit the number of students applying. The competition had an aim to illustrate the sustainable aspects of the participants' native culture and architecture, in a circle of 1200pixels diameter. Out of more than 500 hundred entries from all over the world, only 80 were chosen to participate; other than India, Lebanon and Mexico were the only two countries represented in the event.

The 80 students were divided into 8 groups that were guided by professionals from different countries specializing in various domains: product design, industrial design, graphic design and architecture. The groups treated different subjects concerning sustainability, such as choice of sustainable materials, water conservation, sustainability in general and more. The Lebanese participation was involved in the group that treated the theme of "trash and consequences" under the supervision of Professor Anne Dutlinger from the USA, who is a graphic designer and professor at the Moravian College in Pennsylvania.

The three days of workshop were full of hard work and the participant had the pleasure to work with his Indian colleagues on the subject. The were working as one unified team and produced remarkable results at the end of the third day, during which their work was presented to the other groups. Some of the group's outcome were the reuse of newspaper and converting this cheap material (or trash) into gold, by designing newspaper rings. Other outcome was newspaper bags and a redesign of a shack taking sustainability into account. And as the Lebanese participant was the only architecture student among his Indian colleagues (all of them were product designers and industrial designers) he was assigned to take in charge the design of a shack in the campus of IIT. One of the most important aspects of the design was the use of local renewable material, bamboo, as it grows on campus.


Workshop competition entry

Workshop inauguration

Workshop moments

Workshop moments

Workshop output: newspaper bags

Workshop output: newspaper rings

Workshop output: redesign of shack

Workshop presentation

Workshop team



After the workshop, the conference started with the participation of the mentors who supervised the workshop groups and other participants. It was not directed into one direction of sustainability, but on the contrary, professionals in different fields talked about their experience with sustainability. Product designers, graphic designers, industrial designers, architects and engineers showed students how they, the future generation, can live a sustainable lifestyle for a better tomorrow and save the dying planet.


Conference launching by Dr. Ajanta Sen

Conference speaker: A G Rao (India)

Conference speaker: Joachim Krausse (Germany)

Conference speakers: Cintya Concari & Roberto Mercatti (Italy)

Conference speaker: Anne Dutlinger (USA)

Conference speaker: David Berman (Canada)

Conference moments




Outdoors exhibition

Pottery factory project exhibited in the outdoors exhibition, IDC, IIT Bombay